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Unlikely Garden Hero — Eating Slugs in the Garden


Slugs in the garden? Stop poisoning them with beer and salt. There’s a less time and labor intensive way to deal with this pest. Simply invite a special guest to hang out in your yard. If you’re having trouble with … Continue reading

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Soil pH – Guide to Acidic Soil and Alkaline Soil Adjustment


Previously, we had a brief overview of soil pH, the component in organic soil that defines the chemistry of the soil in your garden. In this post, we’re going to dig deeper into soil pH—how to check if you’re working … Continue reading

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Organic Soil – Essentials of Managing the Soil Organically


By now, you know what’s in soil, how it’s made, and other basic but important soil facts. And whether you’re into organic gardening or not, soil has other components that influence successful and productive plant growth. Soil Life The most … Continue reading

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Solutions: Pet Urine on Grass, and Dog Friendly Shrubs


  Pets are part of the family, but how do we keep them from ruining our outdoor gardens and landscape? Is pet urine on grass and shrubs causing problems in your yard?         When visiting my daughter … Continue reading

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Garden Inspiration–Botanical Gardens

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When our first attempts at gardening bring us close to giving up, we need to be inspired. Once again we need to be reminded of what’s possible and remember the reason we wanted to garden in the first place. Gardening … Continue reading

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How to Begin a Garden


Many first time gardeners are intimidated by their lack of gardening knowledge and skill, and may be too embarrassed to ask an experienced gardener for advice on how to begin a garden. Here’s a bit of encouragement and helpful advice … Continue reading

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Growing From Cuttings


If you think you don’t have a green thumb, you could be seriously mistaken. Growing from cuttings is a great way to start gardening! I held the tiny stem and leaves in my hand. The green and violet shimmer from … Continue reading

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Growing and Gardening in Silty Soil


Consider yourself lucky if you’re growing or gardening with silty soil. Next to loamy soil—the gold standard in soils—silty soil tends to be fertile. The irregular shape and small size of its soil particles allows for good aeration. At the … Continue reading

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