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Does Garden Soil Makes Us Happy + Smart?


The Buzz around the garden says beneficial soil bacteria increase happiness and cure depression Eating dark chocolate or working out can trigger the release of “happy chemicals” in the brain; natural anti-depressants that have been shown to elevate mood, enhance … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Vegetable Seeds in Late Summer


You may be wondering where to buy vegetable seeds in late summer. A seasoned gardener usually buys all the seeds he or she needs to use throughout the growing season. But what if the gardening bug hit suddenly late in … Continue reading

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Composting 101: 7 Things to Remember When Making Compost


Compost is called The Gardener’s Gold because it’s an invaluable partner in keeping the soil healthy. In organic gardening, making compost is part of the gardener’s To-Do List every growing season. If you’re thinking of using compost that you made … Continue reading

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Agricultural Extension Service Answers Your Questions


Is the meadow on our property suitable for an orchard? Where’s the best place to plant asparagus here on our land? The hill next to our utility road seems to be slipping. Would it help if we planted trees there? … Continue reading

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