Instant CT Compost Tea Alternative “Q-U-I-C-K + E-A-S-Y”


Compost, called the “gardener’s gold”, is a great additive for soils for many of the important reasons considered in our previous blog

But perhaps you’ve wondered about the “magical” effects of adding an aerated brew made of finished compost and water called Compost Tea (CT)? Aerated Compost Tea encourages the build-up of large populations of friendly fungi and beneficial bacteria, and is said to be easier than adding compost to the garden. However, an entire series of steps must be accomplished before finished aerated compost tea is ready to pour on plants and soils, making it both time-consuming and costly.


Expensive pumps need electrical outlets.

First, plants, leaves, weeds and so forth must be harvested and composted, with the compost finished successfully using the optimum ratios of green and brown organic matter in about 12 weeks or more. Not too moist and not too dry, not too hot and not too cold, the ideal compost is sometimes achieved. Next, an aerator and reservoir must be purchased and set up with an electrical source. After the compost and water have been added and the aerator run for 24-48 hours, then the tea must be transported from the aerator to the plants, sometimes involving extensive logistics, and distributed immediately, before the populations of microorganisms start to die off.


As the old adage goes, “there’s many a slip betwixt cup and lip”; and if the compost had turned anaerobic along the way, or if the aerator had failed to work correctly,  or if there was too long a delay after brewing, this complex operation might not have met its intended goals. Would it have been better to simply fork in whatever compost developed and get the benefit of the organic solids and related microbes than to attempt aerated compost tea?

Introducing VerraEasy® Instant CT Compost Tea Alternative!  To avoid all that lead time and expensive equipment, Instant CT Compost Tea Alternative is a premium-grade soil and foliage conditioner that contains select blends of naturally occurring, stabilized bacteria and multiple friendly fungi species, along with an ideal ration of molasses, kelp extract and humic and fulvic acids that plants need for good growth.


Utility sprayer can apply Instant Compost Tea Alternative to foliage, or just pour on soil and roots.

Now here’s the quick and easy part: just mix Instant CT Compost Tea Alternative with water and it’s ready to use. That’s it. Just run a hose right to where the plants are growing, put the powdered formula in a bucket or sprayer, fill with water and you are good to go. Pour or spray the mixture on plants and roots right away. No waiting. No 12+ weeks of composting. No expensive aerator. No lag-time. No guessing.


Instant CT Compost Tea Alternative contains carefully selected synergistic natural soil bacteria and fungi including Trichoderma. These microbes break down insoluble organic molecules and make them available to plants for easy absorption. What’s not to love?

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-Geri Laufer

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