What is a Recipe Garden? Beginning a Garden


I invented the term “recipe garden” to refer to a small garden focused on the ingredients for one recipe. It’s a great way for new gardeners to get started. Instead of being overwhelmed with planning a garden for the first time, simply plant the items needed in a recipe you will make a lot of. For example, make a salsa garden; a tomato sauce garden; an eggplant parmesan garden; or a green salad garden.

When to Plant a Recipe Garden

Always plan according to your planting zone. To confirm your planting zone, you can also check with your local agricultural extension agent. There are factors other than location (such as elevation) that can affect your planting season. This is especially true in the western part of the United States. Check out this post if you’re having trouble finding seeds in late summer.

Check Back for Details

Check back soon or subscribe for more specifics on a salsa recipe garden–including the recipe! While waiting be sure to prepare your garden spot and buy soil amendments. Microbial helpers (mycorrhizae) won’t cost much but will keep on giving.

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