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The soil is the most important aspect of successful growing and gardening. If you feed the soil, you feed your plants.

Does Garden Soil Makes Us Happy + Smart?


The Buzz around the garden says beneficial soil bacteria increase happiness and cure depression Eating dark chocolate or working out can trigger the release of “happy chemicals” in the brain; natural anti-depressants that have been shown to elevate mood, enhance … Continue reading

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Travel Garden Notes/Yikes! Call the Bush Hog!


Where’s the garden? Did you ever feel like that after neglecting your garden for a time? Since I was only there to prepare the soil before I left, I had no idea what to expect. My husband did the planting … Continue reading

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Tree Planting Project


How to Use Science Content Standards at Home This article is a companion article to Propagating Japanese Maples from Cuttings. Do you want to enrich your child’s science education at home? Enrichment activities should be fun and interesting. For best … Continue reading

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The Magic of Mycorrhizae


So, what’s the deal with mycorrhizae? Why did I call it The Grower’s Best Friend (and in some instance, I believe it’s the Farmer’s Life Saver) in my last post? Simple. My friend Mycorrhizae, which has been around for eons … Continue reading

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Soil pH – Guide to Acidic Soil and Alkaline Soil Adjustment


Previously, we had a brief overview of soil pH, the component in organic soil that defines the chemistry of the soil in your garden. In this post, we’re going to dig deeper into soil pH—how to check if you’re working … Continue reading

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Organic Soil – Essentials of Managing the Soil Organically


By now, you know what’s in soil, how it’s made, and other basic but important soil facts. And whether you’re into organic gardening or not, soil has other components that influence successful and productive plant growth. Soil Life The most … Continue reading

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Growing and Gardening in Silty Soil


Consider yourself lucky if you’re growing or gardening with silty soil. Next to loamy soil—the gold standard in soils—silty soil tends to be fertile. The irregular shape and small size of its soil particles allows for good aeration. At the … Continue reading

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Growing and Gardening with Clay Soil


Last time we discussed how to grow and garden in sandy soil. This time, we’ll talk about clay soil. From the soil facts, we know that clay soil has smaller particles compared to sandy and silty soils and it has … Continue reading

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Growing and Gardening in Sandy Soil


As promised the last time we discussed the 5 different types of soil, we’re discussing the most effective ways of gardening in sandy soil in this post. We’ve noted before that sandy soil drains quickly, and as a result, plants … Continue reading

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5 Different Soil Types – Know Your Soil Type


Last time, we discussed basic soil facts that you need to know before you started digging around in your garden. This time, we’re going to look at different soil types and how to determine the kind of soil that’ll be … Continue reading

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