Gardening for Beginners


Plants provide color and texture the easy way.

May 5, 2011, by Christiane Marshall

Don’t have a green thumb but want one? We can help you. Let’s take baby steps together. Make sure we answer all your questions too!


Gardening for beauty–photo by rfduck/flickr



If you’re looking for basic information on gardening for beginners, you’ve found a good starting place. See the articles below and please ask your questions!

Many first time gardeners are intimidated by their lack of gardening knowledge and skill, and may be too embarrassed to ask an experienced gardener for advice.



Here’s a bit of encouragement and helpful advice for the green thumb wannabe.

If you think you don’t have a green thumb, you could be seriously mistaken. Growing from cuttings is a great way to start gardening!


Think you have too small a space for gardening–maybe not enough sun? Don’t give up without checking out these ideas. Expert gardeners may try to give you good advice on how to deal with slugs.  Read this before trying their suggestions. Maybe you can share something very different.

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