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Does Garden Soil Makes Us Happy + Smart?


The Buzz around the garden says beneficial soil bacteria increase happiness and cure depression Eating dark chocolate or working out can trigger the release of “happy chemicals” in the brain; natural anti-depressants that have been shown to elevate mood, enhance … Continue reading

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Building Great Soil Structure


How do Beneficial Bacteria + Friendly Fungi Help with Soil Structure? Not many gardeners have the perfect soil. Both heavy clay and sandy soils are problematic when it comes to growing healthy plants. Picture the ideal soil: by volume it … Continue reading

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Instant CT Compost Tea Alternative “Q-U-I-C-K + E-A-S-Y”


Compost, called the “gardener’s gold”, is a great additive for soils for many of the important reasons considered in our previous blog. But perhaps you’ve wondered about the “magical” effects of adding an aerated brew made of finished compost and … Continue reading

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Lawns and Pastures


With Spring upon us it is time to think about what we want to do with our lawns and pastures this year. Equally important is to determine how much time will you realistically have to devote to this task. To … Continue reading

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