About Our Business

AgVerra is dedicated to providing economically feasible, science-based sustainable agriculture products aimed at improving soil and plant health, aquaculture products to improve water quality and yields for fish / shrimp farming operations, and bio based products for waste water treatment.

We serve a broad spectrum of end users from pure conventional to the pure organic growers.

As a biotechnology solutions provider our products are developed specifically to address the application. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our focus is to continue extracting key findings, corroboration, and research afforded by the scientific advancement in the microbiology domain and more importantly develop sustainable products offering superior results allowing for viable options to the traditional products and methodologies in use today.

With declining soil fertility, increasing resistance to traditional pesticides / herbicides, reduction in arable land, decreasing nutrient density in foods & forages, impacts on our water quality and continued pressure on our food chain, AgVerra brings "new" technologies by harnessing natural biology and nutrients into a winning combination of products. Keeping it simple.

Growth As Nature Intended ®