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SoilNoc® Myco-Control  Professional Series

Commercial Use Only.   

A technologically advanced high concentration  professional series seed and root inoculant product with mycorrhizae. Product is designed for  high solubility in minimal amount of water allowing application directly to seed. Perfect for small grain cereals and using low volume applicator tanks on planters.

  • SoilNoc® Myco-Control is a stand-alone seed inoculant incorporating a synergistic biological pack designed to work specifically with the endomycorrhizal fungi species and naturally outcompetes certain fungi.
  • Cost effective, easy to handle and inoculate small grain cereal seeds. Only 2 oz per acre - one pail covers 200 acres. Rates vary with crop and seed size.
  • Use on larger seeds as well - potatoes, etc.
  • Can be mixed and applied directly to seed furrow with fertilizer. Reduce your starter fertilizer application. Note comment on available-phosphate reduction.
  • We recommend to reduce your available-phosphate inputs when planting. Excess available phosphate hinders mycorrhizal colonization. A minimum of 20% - 30% reduction of normal rates is typically recommended for many soil types.
  • Is compatible with some fungicides, check with your rep or AgVerra. Avoid bactericides.
  • Product ships in water soluble dry powder format with a two year shelf life.
  • The product is designed to work with potable city or well water eliminating additional water de-chlorination or treatment costs.
  • Packed in 25 lb resealable plastic pails stacked 36 pails per pallet.
  • Keep container tightly sealed. Product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry cool place. Protect from freezing.  Do not store product after dissolving in liquid.