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SoilNoc® SRT Professional Series

Commercial Use Only.

The perfect companion for professional landscapers, arborists, market gardeners and horticulture professionals. Designed specifically for professionals who demand a high first-time-yield ratio form vegetable gardens to new landscape installations, to tree / vine propagation, transplants and greenhouse growing conditions.

SoilNoc® SRT is a water soluble advanced mycorrhizal product incorporating multiple endo / ecto mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial soil and root biology including bacteria and fungi combined with a natural biostimulant. Designed for drench applications in porous soils, or mixed into potting soils. About 95% of the world's 
plant species form symbiotic relationships with these mycorrhizal fungi.

  • Increases successful establishment in questionable soils or conditions.
  • Reduces warranty replacements.
  • A single product for vegetables, plants, turf, shrubs, and trees virtually eliminates plant specific trainingBring new crews up to speed quickly - no multi product learning curve. One pail per truck can replace several products and chemicals. Non-toxic, biodegradable, natural.
  • Reduce landscaping and greenhouse carbon footprints by providing clients with inoculated plants that require less water, less nutrients and actually sequester carbon.
  • A stand-alone sod, plants, shrubs and trees inoculant treatment which naturally outcompetes certain fungi, adds beneficial soil biology and inoculates with bacteria, fungi, endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi.
  • technically advanced product designed for professionals who demand repeatable and sustainable performance.
  • Ships in dry powder format with 2 year minimum shelf life. Avoid bactericides and some fungicides. Check with AgVerra or your local vendor before applying fungicides.
  • Product can be mixed with fertilizers. standard jar test is always recommended prior to large volume mixing with previously untried components.
  • Product ships in water soluble dry powder format. Can be applied dry or mixed with water directly to soil, potting mixesroot balls, in a hydromulch / seed application or mixed with water fertilizers and sprayed just before planting. Seedlings can be tamped, dipped or dusted with the dry product or a slurry mix.
  • The product is designed to work with normal potable city water. This eliminates additional water de-chlorination or treatment costs.
  • Packed in 25 lb or 50 lb bags stacked 2000 lbs per pallet and 25 lb resealable plastic pails packaged 36 pails to a palletAlso available in retail size packaging.
  • Keep container tightly sealed. Store in a dry cool place. Protect from freezing.  Do not store product after dissolving in liquid.