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SoilNoc® Stubble Digester


SoilNoc® Stubble Digester:  Commercial Use Only.   Designed specifically to degrade and recycle field stubble / remaining crop reside and to accelerate composting of high wood based compost feedstock.

  • SoilNoc® Stubble Digester contains proprietary biology selected for its degradation ability.
  • Does not need brewing. Mix with water and apply by conventional pivot fertigation, sprayers, etc. Can be mixed with urea and/or sugar, or molasses to increase effectiveness - especially in cooler weather. Avoid bactericides, fungicides.
  • Application rates are dependent on environmental conditions, crop / compost type and time frame required.
  • Product ships in water soluble dry powder format.
  • The product is designed to work with normal potable city or well water eliminating additional water de-chlorination or treatment costs.
  • Packed in 25 lb or 50 lb bags stacked 2000 lbs per pallet.
  • Keep container tightly sealed. Product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry cool place. Protect from freezing.  Do not store product after dissolving in liquid.