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SoilNoc® CT and  SoilNoc® CT-Myco

Very popular products with the compost tea connoisseurs. Contains a balanced ratio of natural soil biology, humic, fulvic, kelp and molasses.

  • Does not require brewing – just add water mix and go.

  • A select blend of naturally occurring stabilized bacteria and fungi on a proprietary matrixed nutrient carrier to ensure repeatable performance

  • SoilNoc® CT and CT-Myco have a  concentrated microbial soil inoculant pack with carefully balanced bacteria to fungi ratios. In addition to the biological pack, some of the non-proprietary ingredients include kelp extracts, humic acids, fulvic acids, molasses, natural plant growth regulators, trace minerals and elements.

  • SoilNoc® CT-Myco includes mycorrhizae providing a full microbial soil inoculant and mycorrhizal fungi root inoculant .

  • As a soil conditioner it adds biology and helps stimulate indigenous microbes , reduces environmental stress impacts, reduces water requirement, increases nutrient bio-availability including releasing bound-up macro / micro-nutrients and increases nutrient cycling and efficacy.

  • Naturally recycles nutrients from dead plant matter and sloughed off root cells, controls thatch build-up in turf.

  • Product ships in water soluble dry powder format. Can be applied dry or mixed with water in a hydromulch/seed application or mixed with water / fertilizers and sprayed during growing season.

  • The product is designed to work with potable city water. This eliminates additional water de-chlorination or treatment costs. Avoid bactericides, fungicides.

  • Packed in 25 lb or 50 lb bags stacked 2000 lbs per pallet. Other packaging formats include 25 lb resealable plastic pails packaged 36 pails to a pallet. Custom and retail packaging available.

  • Keep container tightly sealed. Product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry cool place. Protect from freezing.  Do not store product after mixing.