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SoilNoc® PTM and PTM-Myco

A premium series plant and soil fertility booster with beneficial soil biology. Designed to work with or without fertilizers. Works well with protein based fertilizers such as compost, fish, poultry litter, blood meal and with rock phosphate, urea, and other fertilizers. Scientifically selected blend of natural soil microorganisms with an advanced biostimulant nutrient base.

  • Use to keep soils in great shapeWorks very well with organic or conventional fertilizer. Reduce conventional based fertilizer application by 25% to 60%. Start at the low end and increase the reduction percentage while monitoring growth rates.
  • Use as a soil conditioner, reduces environmental stress impacts, reduces water requirement, increases nutrient bio-availability including releasing bound-up macro / micro-nutrients and increases nutrient cycling and efficacy.
  • Mix with organic or conventional fertilizers. Designed to increase foliar fertilizing efficiency, soil based inputs and naturally chelates nutrients / minerals.
  • Recycle nutrient from your cover crops. Spray directly on cover crops before shredding or turning in through no-till or disking operations.
  • A specifically selected blend of naturally occurring stabilized soil biology on a proprietary matrixed nutrient carrier. SoilNoc® PTM & PTM-Myco have a  concentrated microbial soil inoculant pack. In addition to the biological pack, some of the non-proprietary ingredients include kelp extracts, humic acids, fulvic acids, natural plant growth regulators (Cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins, etc), trace minerals and elements.  SoilNoc® PTM-Myco includes 
    endomycorhizae as well.      
  • Product ships in water soluble dry powder format. Mix with water and apply through pivot fertigation, broadcast sprayer, or mix with water / fertilizers and spray during growing season.
  • The product is designed to work with well or potable city water or use filtered water from stock tanksThis eliminates additional water de-chlorination or treatment costs. Avoid bactericides, fungicides.
  • Packed in 25 lb or 50 lb bags stacked 2000 lbs per pallet. Other packaging formats include 25 lb resealable plastic pails packaged 36 pails to a pallet. Retail package sizes are also available.