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SoilNoc® PTM & PTM-Myco

A stand-alone product which can be used with out without fertilizers. Conditions the soil and plant, reduces environmental stress impacts, reduces water requirement, increases nutrient bio-availability including releasing bound-up macro / micro-nutrients and increases nutrient cycling / efficacy. Naturally controls thatch build-up. A high biological concentration professional series product. SoilNoc® PTM is an advanced product designed for grounds and growing environments that require a professional level of maintenance with repeatable and sustainable performance. Soluble powder.

SoilNoc® CT and SoilNoc® CT-Myco

Very popular products with the compost tea connoisseurs. Contains a balanced ratio of biology, humic, fulvic, kelp and molasses in addition to our proprietary ingredients. Does not require brewing – just mix and go. SoilNoc® CT-Myco includes endomycorrhizae.. Soluble Powder.

SoilNoc® FB+

Popular with lawn service and turf management companies. Used in problem turf areas. Naturally increases a plant's resistance to some fungal diseases. Scientifically selected blend of beneficial microbial strains and a bio-stimulant package to naturally suppress some problem fungi. Colonizes the root zone. Plant health promoter. Soluble Powder.

SoilNoc® SRT

The perfect companion for professional landscapers, arborists and horticulture professional. A concentrated multi species inoculant designed specifically for professionals who demand a high first-time-yield ratio for new installations and transplants. Gives you the best chance to reduce your warranty calls and replant scenarios plus leaves a healthy plant for your clients to enjoy. A single product for plants, turf, shrubs, and trees virtually eliminates plant specific training or mistakes from new crews. Soluble Powder.